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Dear Sir, I am Sifat from Banglades. Last few days I have continued corresponding with below mentioned bank address by mail. First I have gotten a sms in my mobile from below un address where I have won £1,450,000.00 British Pounds. And then I reply by mail which address had given in sms. After that UN reply me below bank address will correspond with me & fund already transfer below bank account. From bank address they have given me a form which monogram like as original. They created a account & this amount will transfer my local bank as remittance. After completing the transfer form I pressed the transfer button then I have seen a request for transfer code. Then I wrote to bank what is this, they informed this is a pin number which I need to buy £7,000.00 British Pounds for the transfer charge of prize money. Which correspondence I already had completed that I made a record.. I have found your address from Google. Corresponding Bank Address ADAM & COMPANY PRIVATE BANK PLC ( UK ) Limited, (Company No. 5969821) Contact Person: Miller McLean FCIBS (Online Manager/Director of Operation) Email: onlineinquiries@adamcoprvbn.com Tel: +447024085376 / Fax: +447024068506 Registered Office at 62 Margaret Street , London W1W 8TF , United Kingdom. United Nations Online Program Address Anderson Spencer (Dr.) Foreign Service Director United Nations Humanitarian Department. UNITED NATIONS ORGANIZATION INC Tel: +44 704-574-5898. Fax: +44 709-284-5598. Mail: United Nations Mobile Promo claims001@live.com Kindly advice what is my next step. From your side to do anything for me pls advice. Waiting for your kind response. Thanks & Best Regards, Shah Sifat Ullah Cell: +8801712535828. E-mail: shah_sifat_ullah@yahoo.com Address: 162 West Dolairpar, Dhaka-1204, Bangladesh.

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From: Mr John Lee Date: 2010/11/2
To: YOUR PAYMENT NOTIFICATION INTERNATIONAL MONETARY FUND (IMF) HEAD OFFICE NO: 23 AVELELON RAOD, Abuja Nigeria. EMAIL (imffundreleasedept@gmail.com ) TELE +234-818-373-8265 INSTRUCTION TO RELEASE YOUR INHERITANCE FUND ATTENTION: This is to intimate you of a very important information which will be of a great help to redeem you from all the difficulties you have been experiencing in getting your long over due payment due to excessive demand for money from you by both corrupt Bank officials and Courier Companies after which your fund remain unpaid to you. I am Mr John Lee a highly placed official of the International Monetary Fund (IMF). It may interest you to know that reports have reached our office by so many correspondences on the uneasy way which people like you are treated by Various Banks and Courier Companies/ Diplomat across Europe to Africa and Asia /London Uk and we have decided to put a stop to that and that is why I was appointed to handle your transaction here in Nigeria. All Governmental and Non-Governmental prostates, NGOs, Finance Companies, Banks, Security Companies and Courier companies which have been in contact with you of late have been instructed to back up from your transaction and you have been advised NOT to respond to them anymore since the IMF is now directly in charge of your payment.. The most annoying thing is that the bad officials won’t tell you the truth that on no account will they ever release the fund to you, instead they allow you spend money unnecessarily, I do not intend to work here all the days of my life, I can release this fund to you if you can certify me of my security. I needed to help you release the fund because you need to know the statues of your funds and cause for the delay, Please this is like a Mafia setting in Nigeria, you may not understand it because you are not a Nigerian. Listed below are the mafia’s and banks behind the non release of your funds that i managed to sneak out for your kind perusal. PLEASE CHECK AMOUNG THESE NAMES IF THERE IS ANY ONE AMONG THEN WHO HAVE SCAMED YOU, IF YES GET BACK TO ME FOR LEGAL ACTION TO BE TAKEN. 1) Prof. Charles soludo(CBN) 2) Senator David Mark 3) Chief Lamido Sanusi(CBN) 4) John Rob(Barclays bank plc) 5) Mrs Stella Brown(Barclays bank plc) 6) Ronald Franklin 7) Barrister Ucheuzo Williams 8) Mr. Ernest Chukwudi Obi 9) Mr. Mike Jombo Deputy Governor – Policy / Board Member 10) Mr. Tunde Lemo Deputy Governor – Financial Sector Surveillance / Board Member 11) Mrs. W. D. A. Mshelia Deputy Governor – Corporate Services / Board Members 12) Mrs. Okonjo Iweala 13) Mrs. Rita Ekwesili You are hereby advised NOT to remit further payment to any institutions with respect to your transaction as your fund will be transferred to you directly from our source. I hope this is clear. Any action contrary to this instruction is at your own risk. Respond to this e-mail on (imffundreleasedept@gmail.com ) with immediate effect and we shall give you further details on how your fund will be released. Reconfirm the information bellow 1. Full Name: 2. Address: 3Nationality: 4. Age: Date of Birth: 5. Occupation: 6. Phone: Mobile/Cellular…………………Fax:.. 7. State of Origin: 8. Copy of your identity Card Also Call me as soon as you receive the letter so that you will be given an immediate response: Direct Hotline: EMAIL (imffundreleasedept@gmail.com) YOURS SINCERELY, MR JOHN LEE +234-818-373-8265

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FROM: DR. KENNY CELK London Clearing House Aldgate House 33 Aldgate High St, London, EC3N 1EA, United Kingdom TEL: +44 7045774416 CONFIDENTIAL COURIER PAYMENT I am Dr. Kenny Celk of LONDON CLEARING HOUSE LTD I decided to contact you because of the prevailing security report reaching my office and the intense nature of polity in London. This is to inform you about our plan to send your fund to you via cash deli very system, This system will be easier for you and for us. We are going to send your payment of US$7.3 Million to you via courier service. I have< /B>Note: This fund is coming in 2 security proof boxes which are sealed with Synthetic nylon seal and padded with machine. I will use my position to facilitate the RELEASE ORDER of this fund to you. The boxes are coming with a Courier agent who will deliver them to you at your home address. All you need to do now is to send to me: 1. Your full name 2. Your full house address 3.. Your contact phone numbers. Note: The Agent does not know the contents in these boxes, the content was declared to him as Sensitive Photographic Film Materials. I will secure the clearance Certificate that will be tagged on the boxes which I will dispatch along with the security inner Keys of the consignments to enable you access them as soon as they are delivered to you. < /DIV> Best Regards, Dr. Kenny Celk

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(INTERNATIONAL FUNDS TRANSFER / AUDIT UNIT) UNITED NATIONS ORGANIZATION (WORLD BANK ASSISTED PROGRAMME) DIRECTORATE OF INTERNATIONAL PAYMENT AND TRANSFERS.870 UNITED NATIONS PLAZA 20-LONDON 10017. Attention: This is to inform you that we just received an updates from the United Nations that You can only secure the Waivers of your compensation funds charge by paying for Waivers Form Fee of USD85.00 to the receiving account officer by Western Union, on confirmation of your Waivers Form fee, a Waivers Form will be sent to you to fill and return same for the 100% Waivers of your charge. With your Waivers Certificate, your charges will be suspended until you confirm your fund before the payment of your charge; it is 100% Waivers of your charges. Direct your Waivers Form fee to the account officer Mr. Jim Ovia through this e-mail address (mrjimovia79@gmail.com) by western union and return back to this office with your MTCN number, this will enable my humble office to forward Waivers Form to you to fill and return back to this office for the Waivers of your Charge. Payment Information: Senders Name: Your Name Senders Address: Your Address Receivers Name: Aballo Seth Receivers Address: Lagos- Nigeria Text Question: What For Text Answer: Good Amount: US$85.00 MTCN: ********** You can call Waivers Department for more information: Reply Urgent Yours Faithfully MR. BAN KI-MOON, SECRETARY UNITED NATIONS,

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YAHOO LOTTERY RESULTS 2010 YAHOO INTERNET LOTTERY CONGRATULATIONS! Yahoo!! International Lottery Organization United Kingdom: Branch Office STAMFORD BRIDGE LONDON. SW1V 3DW UNITED KINGDOM Yahoo! Mail announces you as one of the 25 lucky winners in the ongoing 12 Years Yahoo lottery Award of the New Year Held this month. All 25 winning email addresses were randomly selected from a batch of 50,000,000 international emails each from Canada, Australia, United States, Asia, Europe, Middle East, Africa and Oceania as part of our international promotions program which is conducted annually, consequently, you have been approved for a total pay out of TWO MILLION UNITED STATE DOLLARS ( $2, 000. 000.00USD). This Lottery was promoted and sponsored by a conglomerate of some multinational companies as part of their social responsibility to the citizens in the communities where they have operational base. Further more your details (e-mail address) falls within our representative office in United Kingdom, as indicated in your play coupon and your prize of ( $2, 000.000.00USD) will be released to you from this regional branch office in United Kingdom. Your fund is now deposited with our Bank/ and insured in your name. Due to mix up of some numbers and names, we ask that you keep this award from public notice until your claim has been processed, and your winning Cheque have being sent to you or remitted to your account, as this is part of our security protocol, to avoid double claiming and unwarranted taking of advantage of this program by participants, as has happened in the past. HOW TO CLAIM YOUR PRIZE These are your identification numbers. Ticket number…………………154-12872774-09 Serial number…………………..21370-7 Lucky number……………….27-50-23-94-66-40 Ref number……………….Y.TILB/6362362114/26 To begin your lottery claims, Please contact our Yahoo Lottery Co-ordinator as follows, Name: Pter Sandra Email:agentsamoliver@aol.com Tel: +44 704 571 5114 You are to send the completed verification form below to the co-coordinator whose email address is given above so that you will be advised on what to do to get your prize money. Congratulations once more!! 1. FULL NAME 2. COUNTRY OF ORIGIN 3. PRESENT ADRESS. 4. DATE OF BIRTH 5. OCCUPATION 6. TELEPHONE NUMBER 7. SEX 8. FAX NUMBER 9. MARITAL STATUS 10. WINNING NUMBER, BATCH NUMBER AND LOTTO NUMBER. Remember, all prize money must be claimed not later than one month time. Any claim not made by this date (within one month) will be returned to HER MAJESTYS DEPARTMENT OF THE TREASURY. And also be informed that 10% of your lottery winning belongs to (THE PROMOTIONS COMPANY). Because they are the company that bought your ticket and played the lottery in your Email address. Note also that this 10% will be remitted after you have received your winnings prize, because the money is insured in your name already. NOTE: In order to avoid unnecessary delays and complications, please remember to quote your reference and batch numbers in all correspondences with us, Furthermore, should there be any change of address, please do inform our Co-coordinator as soon as possible. Yahoo lottery is a free service that does not require you to be a Yahoo! Registered user. An original copy of your lucky winning ticket and your deposit certificate will be sent to you by Administrative Remittance Operation Manager of United Kingdom CONGRATULATIONS!!!! Once again from all members of our staff and thank you for being a part of our International Promotions program. We wish you continued good fortunes. Yours Sincerely Vice President Yahoo! Lotto Org. Online Coordinator. Copyright ? 1994-2010 The Yahoo-United Kingdom Internet Promotions. All rights reserved. Terms of Service – Guidelines.

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Re: Reply 06/10/10 tt4

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a poor fool wrote this e-mail thinking that there are still people that stupid to bait such a thing, but what about going to the bathroom!
From Desk of the Secretary-General
Dear Sir/Madam
I am Mr. Ben Peter, Bill and Exchange Manager/ Secretary General, Head of the World Bank Finance Group, London Branch, set up to fight against scam and fraudulent activities worldwide. This Group is responsible for investigating the legitimacy of unpaid contract, inheritance and lotto winning claims by companies and individuals and directs the paying authorities (banks) worldwide to make immediate payment of verified claims to the beneficiaries without further delay.
You are being legally contacted regarding the release of your long awaited fund. After a detailed review of your file, the World Bank Group has mandated that your fund should be release immediately The sum of US$10,625,000.00 (Ten Million Six Hundred and Twenty Five Thousand United States Dollars) has been approved in your favor via my desk. I therefore wish to inform you that your payment is being processed and will be released to you as soon as you respond to this letter.
Please re-confirm to us the following:
(1) Your Full Name:
(2) Phone, Fax an
Mobile Number:
(3) Company Name, Home Address:
(4) Profession, Age and Marital status:
Note that the above fund has been cleared from terrorist or fraud related activities.
Thanks for Your Cooperation.
Mr. Ben Peters
World Bank Group.
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only scam, trash!!!

Ref No: UK/9420X2/68
Batch No: 074/05/ZY369

Dear Lucky Winner,

This is to inform you that your email address was selected for a cash
prize of 1,500,000.00 Great British Pounds)  held on the 3rd of AUGUST 2010
in London Uk.

Email: mr_grahambett006@w.cn


Fill the below:
1. Name:………..   2. Address:…………….
3. Country:……..   4. Telephone No:………..
5. Occupation:…..   6. Age/Sex:…………….

Mike Vilasma
Co-ordinator(Online Promo Programme)

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Natural Disaster BP’s Hayward London ‘No-Show’

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LONDON – BP Chief Executive Tony Hayward was a “no-show” at an oil industry meeting in London today, but his presence and the fact of the Gulf oil spill was very much present. Filling in for Hayward was BP’s Chief of Staff Steve Westwell. In his comments he called the spill “…a tragic accident with severe financial consequences and a profound impact on BP.” Those comments were interrupted by Greenpeace protestors who held an anti-BP banner declaring the “The age of oil is over!” They were promptly hustled away by security guards. That wasn’t the only sniping at BP. While generally supportive, Jay Pryor, Global Vice President of oil rival Chevron called the spill “preventable.” We asked him, if Chevron was running the rig, could the accident have been avoided. “We, of course, are competitors and our practices ARE different,” he replied, “but a number of things went wrong.” Steven Newman, President and CEO of Transocean, the owners of the Deepwater Horizon rig, was careful with our questions, too. We asked him whether he would share blame with BP for the accident. “I’m not going to apportion ‘blame’ until I see the conclusions of an investigation now being conducted.” He did not hold back, however, regarding the moratorium on drilling in the Gulf. “There are things the administration could implement today,” he told us, “that would allow the industry to go back to work tomorrow without an arbitrary six-month limit.” And as for the White House’s efforts to “piggy-back” clean energy initiatives on top of spill concerns, Newman bluntly retorted : “The Obama administration should focus on fixing the leak!” After the string of public relations blunders by Hayward, including a recent luxury yachting event, we asked BP’s Westwell what his boss was up to. “He’s staying on top of cleaning the spill,” Westwell told us, “but his number one priority is being Chief Executive and he’s busy in London now.” Hayward’s probably happy he “sailed away” from THIS London gathering.


source: http://liveshots.blogs.foxnews.com/2010/06/22/bps-hayward-london-no-show/

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Microsoft Promotion Award Team – winning notification.

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Microsoft Promotion Award Team.
Dr. Louis McGonagall
Stamford New Road,
Altrincham Cheshire
WA14 1EP
United Kingdom.
Notification Date: 29 – 04 -2010.
It is obvious that this notification will come to you as a surprise but please find time to read it carefully as we congratulate you over your success in the following official publication of results of the E-mail electronic online Sweepstakes organized by Microsoft, in conjunction with the foundation for the promotion of software products, (F.P.S.) held APRIL 2010, in London United Kingdom. Where your email address emerged as one of the online Winning emails in the 2nd category and therefore attracted a cash award of 850,000.00 {Eight Hundred and Fifty Thousand Great British Pounds Sterling’s}. The selection process was carried out through random selection in our Computerized Email Selection System (C.E.S.S.) from a database of over a million email addresses from each continent of the world wide web drawn from all the continents of the world.
They are arranged in this format below:
1st.    2     950,000.00 pounds each
2nd.   8     850,000.00 pounds each
3rd.   13    550,000.00 pounds each
4th.   27    350,000.00 pounds each
We write to officially notify you of this award and to advise you to contact the processing office immediately upon receipt of this message for more information concerning the verification, processing and eventual payment of the above prize to you. It is important to note that your award information was released with the following particulars attached to it.
(1) Award numbers: MWL#2010
(2) Email ticket numbers: 1690-2445-8598-57,
(3) Batch numbers: 850MBL#2010
(4) The file reference numbers: MFR-Y/250-450810
{5} Serial Numbers: MST/776/ML1401
For verification purpose be sure to include:
1.   Full Names:
2.   Sex:
3.   Age:
4.   Marital Status:
5.   Nationality:
6.   Residential Address: :
7.   Occupation/Position Held:
8.   Telephone Number:
9.   Fax Number:
10. Have you ever won an Online Lottery ?
To file for your claim, Please contact your Validating Officer for VALIDATION of your winning within Twenty-nine working days of this winning notification.Winnings that are not validated within Twenty-nine working days of winning notification are termed void and invalid. You are required to mention the above particulars of your award in every correspondence to enable the Agent validate your winning.
Email:  sir_robertcarden@discuz.org
The Microsoft Internet E-mail lottery Awards is sponsored by our CEO/Chairman, Bill Gates and a consortium of software promotion companies. The Intel Group, Toshiba, Dell Computers and other International Companies. The Microsoft internet E-mail draw is held periodically and is organized to encourage the use of the Internet and promote computer literacy worldwide. The Microsoft Window lottery has discovered a huge number of double claims due to winners informing close friends relatives and third parties about their winning and also sharing their pin numbers.
As a result of this, these friends try to claim the lottery on behalf of the real winners. The Microsoft lottery has reached a decision from headquarters that any double claim discovered by the Lottery Board will result to the Canceling of that particular winning, making a loss for both the double claimer and the real winner, as it is taken that the real winner was the informer to the double claimer about the lottery. So you are hereby strongly advised once more to keep your winnings strictly confidential until you claim your prize.
Once again on behalf of all our staff,

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Tam Lin

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Asako ci segnala questa storiella

C’era una volta la figlia di un nobile, che si chiamava Janet. Janet aveva un carattere molto avventuroso, ed un giorno decise di uscire per andare ad esplorare una foresta cupa che si trovava vicino a casa sua. Girovagò a lungo, finché in una radura vide delle splendide rose selvatiche e pensò di coglierle per fare un regalo a sua madre e alle sue sorelle che non amavano andare in giro come lei. Aveva appena colto una rosa, quando venne fuori dalla terra un giovane cavaliere, che le disse: Come osi cogliere quelle rose? Janet gli rispose: Volevo fare un regalo a mia madre e alle mie sorelle! Allora il cavaliere rispose: In realtà, anche se devo vegliare su questa foresta, a te regalerei qualsiasi cosa. Janet gli chiese allora il suo nome e lui rispose: Mi chiamo Tam Lin! Janet ebbe paura, perché sapeva che apparteneva al popolo degli elfi. Ma Tam Lin le raccontò la sua storia.
Io sono umano come te. Tanti anni fa, ero in questi boschi con mio zio quando fui rapito dalla Regina degli Elfi: mi sentii di colpo stanco, mi addormentai e al mio risveglio mi trovavo nel regno degli Elfi. Da allora di giorno devo fare la guardia a questa foresta, e di notte devo tornare nel regno, dove sono prigioniero della Regina. Vorrei tanto che qualcuno mi aiutasse a vincere quest’incantesimo!
Janet gli rispose: Vorrei aiutarti, c’è un modo per farlo? Tam Lin allora le disse: Stanotte è Halloween: il popolo degli Elfi cavalca sulla Terra. Tu vai al crocevia prima di questa foresta ed aspettami passare. Poi aggrappati a me, e qualsiasi cosa succeda non mi lasciare!
Janet aspettò la cavalcata degli Elfi al crocevia e quando vide Tam Lin apparire, gli si buttò addosso e lo strinse a sé. Di colpo Tam Lin diventò una piccolissima lucertola, poi un serpente spaventoso, poi una barra di ferro arroventato, ma niente: Janet non lo lasciava andare. Allora la Regina degli Elfi capì che aveva perso.
Tam Lin rimase con Janet, la sposò e vissero per sempre felici e contenti, vicini a quella foresta magica che li aveva fatti incontrare.

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