Steve Jobs gives Chilean miners iPods


Also get $10K gift, invite to Europe soccer games

Nearly a day after the last of the 33 miners were dramatically rescued from the Chilean mine in which they were trapped for two months, the swag is already rolling in. Apple CEO Steve Jobs has sent each of the 33 miners the latest iPod, Reuters reports. As each faces newfound celebrity — one is said to have penned a book while stuck 2,050 feet underground — the perks aren’t limited to the latest Apple goodies: A Chilean singer-turned-businessman has given each miner $10,000. A Greek firm has offered free tours, soccer teams have invited them to take in games in Europe. Hollywood has also been captivated by their story. The Hollywood Reporter exclusively reported that Spike TV is planning a mining reality series dubbed “Coal” from the producers of “Deadliest Catch” that focuses on two co-owners of Cobalt Mine in Westchester, W.V., their 40-plus employees, families and community members. Viewership of the rescue efforts drew more than 8 million viewers Tuesday night across cable networks, with Fox News averaging 3.2 million, CNN attracting 1.9 million and MSNBC collecting 1 million in primetime.



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