Repubblica ritrova Atlantide. Ma è una bufala

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Le linee che hanno giocato un brutto scherzo al sito di Repubblica.

Atlantide scoperta grazie a Google Ocean, la versione marina di Google Earth. Ma è un errore clamoroso di interpretazione.

Repubblica cercava la mitica città di Atlantide, ma prende un granchio. È l’ennesima bufala tecnologica. Sul sito del quotidiano vengono pubblicate le immagini di strane linee che comparirebbero sulle mappe di Google Earth in mezzo all’oceano Atlantico.
Recita l’articolo di Repubblica: «Un rettangolo perfetto nascosto nei fondali dell’oceano Atlantico, a pochi chilometri dalla costa settentrionale dell’Africa e non lontano dalle isola Canarie. È qui, secondo l’ingegnere aeronautico inglese Bernie Bamford, che si nasconderebbe la soluzione a quell’eterno mistero chiamato Atlantide».

Bufala oceanica
Peccato però che quei segni, come già scritto su Focus, non sono altro che linee di giunzione tra mappe digitali. Si tratta di un errore, di un inganno visivo dovuto alla tecnologia utilizzata da Google.
Ironia della sorte, Repubblica in giornata smentisce se stessa e la notizia che ha dato. Ma non toglie la fotogallery che per un paio d’ore rimane online e in home page.


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Michael Jackson will come back

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Michael Jackson hoax


Michael Jackson will come back Michael Jackson is not dead, he’s alive. And he will come back. Soon he will be in the spot light again. He will then wake up humanity with his message: the world is about to be controlled by a secret society or worse, the Antichrist. Michael is in hiding to come back stronger and to expose the New World Order. This is the firm belief of the masses, who seek each other on the Internet. At they exchange clues and ideas. They impute Michael of some kind of messianic role. The forum also attracts fierce opponents of the “Jackson-alive’ thought, which results sometimes in threatening messages. That is why these two Dutch initiators use their nicknames Mo and Souza. But Mo does reveal that she’s a 41-year-old resident of Kollumerland. That there’s a consistent pattern in people denying the death of a celebrity, does not Mo’s mind. The evidence showing Elvis is alive is minor in proportion to this case. “Maybe 1/10 part of clues we have about Michael Jackson being alive”. According to Mo and Souza there’s major evidence in the death certificate. “It shows the name Michael Joseph Jackson. That name is not according to his other official identification documents. Those show Michael Joe Jackson as his name. That’s something that can’t be changed overnight”. Soon after Michael’s death was reported they started doubting. Michael was remembered on CNN by his friend Dave Dave, a man whose face has been maimed in 1983 because he deliberately was set on fire by his father. Dave Dave told how Michael took care of him and was like a father to him. Mo and Souza were amazed by Dave Dave’s appearance on CNN: those gestures, that way of talking. “We fell off the couch, and yelled: That’s him!”. Michael’s and Dave’s faces were simply to match by computer. Mo and Souza say say it is unbelievable that the full autopsy was released to the public, while the lawsuit against Jackson’s doctor yet has to begin. The meticulous description of the body does not match the body of Michael, they believe. There is no mentioning of the burns Jackson sustained during shooting a Pepsi commercial. No word on the cosmetic cleft in his chin, or the skin disease lupus. Mo is definitely not a fan of Jackson, she stressed. “The real diehard fans don’t even notice what’s going on. They just write ‘Oh we miss you so much’ on the fan forums, that’s just how far they get. We started investigating because things just don’t add up.” “The ambulance with wich he was transported to the hospital made three attempts to exit the drive way backwards, that makes no sence, as Google Earth shows there’s a huge roundabout on the property. Why didn’t the ambulance speed up, and was there no alarm light nor a sirene?”. To Mo and Souza it’s clear: Michael’s disappearance is linked to other major events: World improvers as Reverend King, President Kennedy and Princess Diana were removed, the secret society of the Illuminati is about to hit, the Age of Aquarius is coming. Kollumerland’s Mo keeps her identity a secret because threats were ventilated towards them. She knows that she’s laughed at, but it is less important. She is convinced that she will have the last laugh when Michael emerges. Please be patient.

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Earth View in Google Maps

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Google Maps now includes Earth view, a way to see Google Earth’s 3D
buildings, imagery and terrain right in your browser. To help you get
started with this feature, we’ve selected 36 places for you to fly to,
which you’ll see in the left-hand panel on Maps if you click the link
below. Simply go to Google Maps and click the Earth button to explore
the world in 3D.

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