E’ morto il Polpo Paul

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il polpo indovino, divenuto un tormentone per la sua chiaroveggenza è morto!! Negli ultimi giorni passava le sue ore nuotando stanco in cerca di nuove emozioni…
un polpo famoso molti si contendevano i natali… la sua origine era italiana e di questo ne siamo orgogliosi, viva il polpo italiano!!!

(ANSA) – BERLINO – E’ morto il polpo Paul, divenuto celebre dopo i pronostici azzeccati ai Mondiali del Sudafrica di quest’anno. Lo ha comunicato l’acquario di Oberhausen. Paul aveva indovinato l’esito di tutte e sette le partite della Nazionale tedesca. Infatti aveva predetto le vittorie contro Australia, Ghana, Inghilterra, Argentina e Uruguay, e le sconfitte contro Serbia e Spagna. Aveva anche indovinato il risultato della finale tra Spagna e Olanda, l’unico match che non riguardava i tedeschi.

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pay attention, trash this scam
My name is Mr. Ampong Obed Suyani, i am a Ghanaian and a branch bank manager of a financial institute here in Ghana and a general account officer and a financial treasurer to (NPP) and to Dr. NANA AKUFUR ADO the flag bearer of NPP presidential candidate who lost the presidential seat to his running mate Professor JOHN ATTA MILLS of NDC as the new president of Ghana  in 2008, As an account officer  and  financial treasurer of the (NEW PATRIOTIC PARTY) of Ghana then.
There is an account which was deposited the sum of (millions) of united state dollars known to me alone as their account officer and  treasurer, on the process this amount of dollars has being in this account ever since we started campaigning for the primary and presidential election since 2006, the said amount has being placed in coded account  without mark out and the new ruler has occupied his seat and i have also given out the party the total expenditure after  NDC succeeded the presidential seat on 2008 and I have also balance all the  statement of account with clear conscience.
My aim of contacting you is to crave your indulgence to assist me in securing the said funds abroad for safe keeping or to invest it in your country if possible with any profitable business known to you without much tax from your government because the rules in Ghan under the  Ghana monetry Unit  and central bank of Ghana (C.B.G)AND(G.M.U) says in Acts (ii) Section 17B Paragraph 21 to 27 says  that any such amount in any bank above FIVE years without beneficiary should be put into bank volt.
As a former branch manager of the bank, I cannot be directly connected to this money thus I am impelled to request for your assistance to receive this money into your bank account as the beneficiary.
I am offering 25% of this fund to you if you accept to help me out in transferring the fund into your nominated bank account for safekeeping.
Kindly reach me immediately for further information at my private email id  or call me for further procedure. ampong@w.cn
Mr. Ampong Obed Suyani

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I need your urgent support

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Dear Friend
I am chairman of contract award commitee with federal ministry of works and housing in my province in Ghana west africa.I need surport of a foreigner to move out the sum of $25.5million,  presently in my position. Contact me if you are interested through this (jeol09francis@aim.com )address for more information.
Joel Francis

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