My name is Liza, I from Russia, live in settlement Kolpino

new virtual fake girl ask to comunicate… trash this !!! is only a spam

Greetings the dear friend. We are not familiar with you. My name is Liza, I from Russia, live in settlement Kolpino. To me 31 year. My day a birth on December, 20th, 1978. I very interesting and cheerful girl also wish to get acquainted with the good and kind person, and the main thing, that he when to me did not say lies. Because I very gentle and tender girl and I do not love people who deceive me. But when I have seen you, I have understood, that you not such person. And consequently I wish to get acquainted with you on closer, I wish to learn you. You have very much interested me. I hope to you my profile and my picture has liked and you will answer me.
Write to me on mine e-mail:

I hope you to me will answer also we will communicate.

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