Have written about Hoax.it

For some time running on Internet fake appeals, chain letters, jokes in bad taste, though in most cases not directly harm the users’ PCs, certainly affect their good faith by making appeals or lose credibility to real news series. E ‘induced damage, but damage. Hoax.it is the compass to orientate between true and false appeals and a place to report back that will be verified with the benefit of all.
I would add that:

Hoax is not a term easily translatable into Italian, translate Hoax many as Buffalo, but in practice it would be wrong to translate hoax differently depending on what we are referring therefore use the word joke, joke, fake e-mail joke in bad taste, tragic deception, false calls, mail containing viruses fake, or better email using social engineering to trick and profit economically or less or in some individuals derive satisfaction from the gullibility of others. Doing so it damages the good people who rely on the Internet and really need your help!

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