fake my name is Dana, partner spam

pay attention is only a fake  trash this e-mail !!!!!!

Hello my name is Dana. I do not know that to you to write, but I shall be brief. The matter is that, I for the first time try to get acquainted on the Internet. To me very much it is not convenient, you to disturb, but I would like to carry with you correspondence as I have looked your structure on the Internet to me it very much have drawn attention. I the simple young girl which search for the man for serious relations. You likely are asked by a question,
Why I do not search for the man in the country. I shall answer this question at once as men in my country do not show due attention for me and to not like me it. Here now I have decided to search for the man in other country I looked much and searched the suitable partner on correspondence and I have chosen you. We can correspond and find out about each other more.

If I am interesting to you, you can write to me on my email:  kilnikbaby@lavabit.com

Thanks for attention.

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