The “Chain Letter ” Virus Hoax!

The “Chain Letter ” Virus Hoax!
“This is not a joke…if you do not forward this e-mail to 20 other people………………… your computer will be a living hell thanks to one of our very own little ingenus viruses. I repeat this is not a joke this virus wil come to you only a week after you open this piece of mail in a very undiscreet e-mail If you open this e-mail after opening others, it just might come as a letter from your “buddy” No, this isn’t a “joke” but it’s certainly a hoax. If you have been reading our hoax page, you will notice the characteristic request to forward the hoax to others. This is also has the poor spelling that is found in many such juvenile messages (e.g., ingenus, undiscreet). Watch out! You have one week..starting now. If this virus gets in it won’t come back out. It will slowly delete 1 file a day from system IRQ files, startup files and win 95 kernels for registery address {1593338-489h985} Thank you for your time……. #:) hahahahaha SCREW YOU!!! With the “hahahaha” and the “SCREW YOU!!!!” text, I would not have expected people to respond to this hoax but we have received copies of this that indicate quite a large number of people have followed the instructions in the hoax. Just as people continue to respond to paper mail chain letters, they seem gullible enough to respond to this hoax. Fortunately, this hoax doesn’t make supernatural claims (“bad luck”) but simply makes claims that are impossible (being infected by a non-existent virus if you don’t forward the hoax) so there’s no reason to even think about complying this chain letter email hoax.

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