For some reasons, forgive me for sending this email to you a second time, sometime ago I sent you an email as regards investment opportunities and I felt its professional email you again for a reminder. My name is Lerato Matalala. We would like to reach terms with you on investment prospects and ideas.

Nevertheless, permit me to take a few minutes of your precious time. We have a client whose intents is to invest into prolific ventures abroad by seeking “willing” emissary as an alliance by partnering with him in cultivating his investment plans. Basically, the investor who has no fore-knowledge of propagating his ideas offshore yearns for diverse ideas of investment in achieving his vision.

Our client, faced with cumbersome problem of unstable investment environment in his home country has asked our firm to  see how we could get him an emissary as a trustee in initiating his investment idea with his capital, hence our letter to you to seek partnership with him in realizing his vision. Our client’s motive is also to ensure that this project yields good returns.

I’m willing to go further but for certainty and your willingness in partnering with my client; I shall be honored to direct you to our superior who is presently in Africa watching the games. Upon response to this inquiry, my superior would enlighten you more upon certainty, willingness and eligibility of your credibility and expertise in partnering with our client, else if you find yourself unfit, so to speak, please disregard this email.

If willing, an urgent response would be appreciated!

Yours truly,

Lerato Matalala.

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