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Inserito da 15 Luglio, 2010

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it’s a hoax, simply, trash it

Welcoming speech I am a manager of the HR department of a large multinational company. Our company is met in many departments, such as: – consulting services – bank accounts opening and maintenance – private undertaking services – etc. We are searching for partners in Europe: – payment 2300euro+bonus – part-time employment – optimal timetable If you are interested in this job, please, send us your contact information on email: h r m @ h i r i n g – w e s t u n i o n . c o m [please delete spaces before sending] Full name: Country: City: E-mail: Mobile phone-number: Attention! We need just the people residing in Europe. Please, write your name and Telephone Number so that our manager could contact you, ask the necessary questions and answer yours.

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