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Campus Party Europe – 14 18 of April: a wonderful experience that must be disclosed in Italy, because it is important to have new experiences and i whant to share with others what was experienced.Once arrived at Madrid airport were some people of the Campus Party eu waiting for me with a sign, then immediately went into the Caja Magica whit a bus.


When I arrived at the destination i was identified and organization give me a pass that I always carry with me around the neck, they have affixed a sticker with a number on my notebook writing down the model the serial more.


The Campus Party Europe is the largest global event which aims to bring together the best talent, best geek Europe, an impressive organization that has invited selected 800 invited from 27 EU countries, each of which proposed a project in various fields of human knowledge, I am one of the eight hundred selected from among 52,468 registered, this is a unique opportunity at European level to discuss and share ideas and to understand that innovation, technology and whatever else is not only a phenomenon of American imports but Europe can be a breeding ground for new talent and innovators who want to share techniques and ideas related to both the world of technology than to innovation, science and digital creativity, hacking, use of advanced technology to build future. An important event that took place in Madrid in Spain, in the Caja Magica (Magic Box), the building named after its multifunctionality is covered by removable panels and is immense, designed by French architect Dominique Perrault, is composed of several buildings and sporting and outdoor spaces, located in the Park of the Manzanares river. Within the complex, thanks to Telefonica, accredited users could enjoy an impressive speed Internet speaks the order of two circuits which provide connectivity to about 2.5 gigabytes per second, in my seat with my notebook I tested speed download of 80 MB per second and about 9 mb upload speed, in other words a stable connection with a power of about a thousand times what anyone can download, always assuming you have a broadband internet connection and all good works.


The event brought top-level media the importance and the commitment by the organizers and the interest shown by the Spanish Minister for Science and Innovation Cristina Garmendia, which made me compliments for my project and I  had the opportunity to exchange ideas._I8J5903

During open day of Campus Party came wishes live by TJ Creamer a NASA astronaut aboard the station as part of International Shipping 23. TJ Creamer said: <<is an honor for me to wish all of you for this special edition of Campus Party Space Europe>>.
The event was truly a great world event that was supported by the European Commission, Spain is also Europe in the first half, thanks to the mobilization of important people and the participation of major industry leaders in various fields such as Nokia, Alcatel, Telefonica and the participation of ESA, CERN famous people in world event was a success, I finally had the honor of being included in the final video of the event with the best global talent in various fields, this demonstrates that Italy is present and is capable of producing content deemed interesting for the entire world community. The campus party europe was like a cradle, which trained me in many areas, a place to make new friends with people fond of computers, a place to create new relationships ranging from Colombia, Mexico, Spain, Germany, Lithuania, Greece and many many countries around the world all united as a talent to create the future. Very interesting were the topics related to cryptography, reversing the code, and other useful web applications to manipulate, the interesting possibility to measure their skills with various tests and the opportunity to speak at conferences in various fields. The event was attended by eminent experts in various fields of human knowledge, those who attended the event had the honor and opportunity to speak directly with the best minds that mankind has ever known. This was Rasmus Lerdorf, the creator of PHP, Microsoft said its on cloud computing, creative director Paul Bennett of IDEO, a leading company worldwide in the design, Professor Sergio Bertolucci, who worked in the field of experimental physics paerticelle, Laboratory in Chicago, and National Laboratory of Frascati National Institute of Nuclear Physics. Also interesting is the intervention of Professor Stefano di Paola, CTO and founder of Minded Security. Karlheinz Brandenburg was present, creator of the MP3 format with which I have long entertained by several photos and talking about my ideas and my plans, Professor Brandenburg is director of the Fraunhofer Institute for Digital Media Technology IDMT.


I made several interventions at the conference on the state of the blogosphere, held by giornalist Ben Hammersley, of Wired UK, author of several influential personalities technical books ultimately a very influential person in the European web scene. I have the opportunity to express dismay that bloggers face in Italian publish freely, making a round of attempts to muzzle the network in place by various Italian politicians that have followed, making it clear that Italy is not fully aware of the concept of Web 2.0 as many of the comments to posts for a variety of reasons need moderation to prevent certain people “paid” from other post and publish content that is not relevant expression not only of the common feeling or expression of a particular political force, I highlighted Italian anomaly that people are hired and paid to post opinions and say this in party.Then I pointed out that Italy is in the unique situation of registered newspapers online and  that is not strange to see many sites that keep us down to clarify who “amateur products, which have a fixed rate of publication and are far from official press.


The eruption of the Icelandic Eyjafjallajökull led to the cancellation of all flights in Europe, fortunately my flight has been canceled and I avoided taking the bus, there was much confusion around even inside the ereoporto Madrid, people were nervous, luckily I arrived at the airport of Catania safely bringing me this wonderful learning experience. I was also fascinated intervention very technical Joanna Rutkowska, founder of Invisible Things Lab, a leader of a group of investigators working for the security of systems, thanks to this team for inventing the Intel Trusted Execution Technology (TXT).Satisfaction knowing journalist Stuart Clark astronomical. In section I saw modding computer systems liquid cooling and hydrogen, interesting conference about extreme overclock by GIGABYTE with practical examples and tips for not burn our processors. Agreeable puff colorful and comfortable sofas where you could talk and discuss.I was surprised and thrilled laboratory slow motion with Diego Hurtado de Mendoza where they were taking about 1000 pictures per second was plenty to see and it was my pleasure to get to know nice people like Fernando Ortugno manager of Astronomy the first European edition of Campus Party has been very kind to me.


Also interesting is the involvement of Tony Segarra nice and very practical and useful tips in, I also appreciated the idea of creativity expressed by Oliviiero Toscani.


The mayor of Madrid, and the organization of the event offered some a trip to Madrid, I’m fun and I thank them for this opportunity. Special thanks to Claudia and Juan and Enrique and Jose Luiz

The final video pubblished by Campus Europe:

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