Silvio Passalacqua obtained the second position with, Category Young Talents on eContent Award Italy.

Silvio Passalacqua obtained the second position with, Category Young Talents on  eContent Award Italy.


Silvio Passalacqua, came from Catenanuova in Italy, the digital product presented on this edition is same of last year but improved in some upgrade and news and new digital content the work of updating and verification is constant and the website is always dinamically on move.
After obtained in 2008 a special mention for the Young Talent Category Econtent on Creativity & Culture and a special mention for the Category eCulture. Some days ago  received November 24, 2009 by Fondazione Politecnico di Milano MEDICI Framework the prestigious “Italian eContent Award 2009” – category Create Your Culture! – The award ceremony of eContent Award Italy 2009 was held at the New exhibition of Rome (Nuova Fiera di Roma )  Frascati Room . The prestigious event, created to select high-contents and selected the best quality content to encourage creativity and innovation and encourage New Media in Italy and to spead culture and  support  knowingness in  international context. Eight categories in the race – eCulture, eScience, eGovernment, e-Entertainment, eHealth, eInclusion, eLearning, eBusiness -. The winners of each group will be asked to officially represent Italy at the World Summit Award 2011 “, which since 2003 awards the best digital content worldwide.
Dr. Silvio Passalacqua, Young Talent, in race eContent Award 2009 received a plaque and a parchment for presenting the website DR. Passalacqua said :<<receiving the Award E-Content Award 2009, Category Create Your Culture! is a great satisfaction and a confirmation of the professionalism and dedication to work, a demonstration that the commitment and quality awards and is achieving excellent results>>. The e-Content Award Italy received membership of the President of the Republic, with the support of: the Prime Ministers – Minister of Youth, Ministry of Heritage and Culture, Ministry of Labor, Health and Politics Social, Ministry of Education, University and Research, the Ministry of Intern, Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Ministry of Economic Development, Ministry of Public Administration and Innovation – and the collaboration of: Confindustria Innovative and Technological Services, Europrix Top Talent Award, Global Forum, OCCAM Infopoverty Program, CASPUR, Wireless.
Also among the prestigious guests and organizers were present at the awards ceremony: The Prof. Dr. Alfredo M. Ronchi of Milan Politecnico University – HMG and Medical  Framework, Dr. Antonello Busetto, Director of Institutional Relations Confindustria Innovative and Technological Services rapporteur of the report “Monitoring Italy Digital 2.0, Dr. Antonio De Vita (SIGESD – Italian Patent Office) has described “Intellectual property”, the President of the Tunisian Association for Information Technology and member of the WSA Grand Jury, Dr. Faouzi Zaghbib, the Mayor of Catenanuova Aldo Biondi, The assessor of culture of the Italian City of Catenanuova Laura Colica. On this occasion Dr. Passalacqua has received compliments from attending the ceremony and was photographed with the Prof. Alfredo M. Ronchi, Dr. Antonello Busetto, Dr. Antonio De Vita, Dr. Faouzi Zaghbib, the Mayor of Catenanuova Aldo Biondi, The Assessor of culture of the Italian City of Catenanuova Laura Colica. Also received compliments  On.  Irene Pivetti has been in the past the  President of the Chamber of Deputies and current is President of the Learn To Be Free Onlus. Congratulated for the skill and the premium received from  Dr. Paul Tarantino, the Italian Central Postal Police who was present at the stand of the National Crime Computer Center for the Protection of Critical Infrastructures. Dr. Passalacqua has received compliments from the Institutional delegate for “the Authority for Guarantees in Communications” present in a stand all’expocomm Italy 2009. Many congratulations also by many other experts and prominent figures in the field present at the event.

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